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Customer Service Officers
Looking for candidates with good experience in Customer Service.

Job Description

Description For property developer
Compensation Above $6,000
Date of Posting
Nationality Singaporean Only
Employment Type Permanent
Responsibilities Responsible for initiating, planning, coordinating and managing residential projects; Involved in all stages of projects from conceptualization, schematic design, detail design, tender documentation review to construction; Ensure the smooth progress and completion of projects within cost, time and the highest quality standards; Knowledgeable about authoritiesí approvals and to work with consultants to secure all necessary planning and technical clearances; Coordinate closely with consultants, contractors and site team to deliver results
Requirements Degree in Architecture/Civil Engineering/Construction with 5 years of experience in real estate development and assisting in several projects; Good understanding of design, detailing, building regulations and the project implementation process is essential; Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills; Able to work independently and under pressure to achieve project goals within tight deadlines
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