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We have made people our business

Career Express is a young and dynamic recruitment agency based in Singapore. We offer the highest standards in temporary, contract & permanent recruitment.

At Career Express, we operate on principles of absolute professionalism, integrity, trust & confidentiality, to build a recruitment agency who would complement your business, your goals & your future.

At Career Express, we have made people our business. Our slogan, “We take pride in your success” speaks of our unwavering commitment to serve in the best interest of our clients and candidates.

To add even more value, we offer a complementary personality profiling report to the hiring organization to let the hiring manager understand how to better work with the incumbent upon confirmation of the employment of incumbent.

Recognising that innovation is the key to your success, Career Express’ teams are constantly analysing environments and employment markets, identifying opportunities & anticipating change. Our commitment is to support you to stay ahead in competition, to put you first and keep you in the lead. Precision is at the core of their professional activity, targeting the right candidates for the right roles.

Our mission is to be known as the most Efficient, Effective, Responsive and Reliable Outsource Recruitment Partner.

We look forward to adding value to you and your organization. Please feel free to call us at 63893378 / 63893381 and have a chat on how we can be of service to you.