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Recruitment Specialists (Freelance)
We are looking for all Professionals to associate with us on a freelance basis. You can work at home and anywhere / any time as a Recruitment Specialist.

Training and Development Executive
Contract Position

Executive Search, Permanent, Contract, Temporary Recruitment Services
Career Express provides your organization with full fledge executive search, permanent, contract, temporary recruitment services in the most effective and responsible way.

We get our priorities right. We act in the BEST INTEREST of firstly OUR CLIENTS by supporting them find the best qualified and best fit and secondly, we genuinely care about the career path and potential of OUR CANDIDATES.

We understand the challenges and daunting tasks that organizations face in finding the most suitable people whom can serve in the best interest of your company.

We provide placements in various industries:
Accounting and Auditing
  Information Technology
  Banking & Finance
  Public sector
  Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  Retail, Beauty, Lifestyle and Hospitality
  Logistics / Supply Chain
  Oil & Gas
  Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  Real Estate
  Marketing and PR

Types of Services
Permanent Placement
  Contract Placement
  Temporary Placement
  Executive Search
  Advertised Recruitment

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Upon receiving your request, we will be in contact with you to support you in fulfilling your recruitment needs.

Permanent Placement
With our experienced team of Recruitment consultants, we support you in sourcing for the most suitable candidate and manage the mediation of the job offering. Upon successful placement, Career Express a comprehensive Personality Profiling report to the hiring manager so that the hiring manager get a more in depth understanding of how to work effectively with the incumbent.

Contract Placement
Contract placement is getting more popular as it supports organization in managing the manpower budget more effectively. We support you in handling short-term and longer term assignment. Career Express will fulfill the contract positions with our company supporting yours in administering payroll, benefits and other related compensation.

Temporary Placement
Career Express supports our customers’ ad hoc needs for temporary placement. The candidates will work through Career Express where we support you in administering the payroll to the candidates.
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Executive Search
Career Express is able to support your organization in conducting a confidential search on the placement of key positions in your industry. We are able to support the search in a contingency or retainer basis, depending on how extensive and how specialized the position is.
We offer comprehensive personality profiling for each candidate that is being placed.

Advertised Recruitment
Save time with Career Express provides advertised recruitment service. We act on our client’s behalf in going through all the resumes, conduct the interviews and proposing only suitable candidates. We will only present the best-fit candidates to you to facilitate the final hiring decision.